1. When she spreads her legs and she’s already wet:


  2. ashgureey:

    i’m here to support black girls with stretch marks on their tiddies, butts, arms, thighs, stomach, everywhere. i support y’all.

    all y’all beautiful ✨

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  3. For every Reblog 1$ will be donated to my autistic brothers fundraiser :)



    99% of people won’t reblog this because they think it’ll make their blog look as shitty as their heart.

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  4. Really fucking annoyed


  5. Ughhh

    I can see the clear dead end in this situation.

    Damned if u do . Damned if u don’t


  6. javeliner:

    having difficulty with the transition from ‘impressive child’ to ‘below-average adult’

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  7. actionhankbeard:

    Billmatic III

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  8. Sigh

    I can’t masturbate tonight because my 15 yr old dog has now made under my bed his apartment and since he’s old and likes to move around the house at night to check on everyone I can’t close my door :-( lol . Spikey over batteries ❤️


  9. kittiecunt:

    Half the time I just masturbate because there’s nothing else to do.

    Might as well bust a good one

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